It's My Birthday!!!

This is my first post (I'll keep this short) and I thought I'd say hello and let you know that it's my BIRTHDAY! I'm 27 today and I feel like I'm 37. Not in a bad way! I am adult now with two wonderful kids, a wife and a career that I really enjoy doing. But with all of these great things also bring major responsibilities. Things, 5 years ago, that would have never made it to my mind.

I woke up this morning thinking "Self, its my birthday and I'm going to get up and do things. I need to make breakfast for me and the kids while the wife is out at the store getting food, mow the lawn, and enjoy a beverage." Before wife and kids, I'd still be in bed with a terrible hangover... Now i'm currently putting together a blog that i think would be fun and probably time consuming. I like the idea of blogging and sharing my thought or initiative scripting but never actually pursued it. So here i am.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for connecting with me.


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