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Exchange UM Extension Changes

A while ago, i had to come up with a way that would fix all of our EUM extensions for the company I work for with the wrong number of extensions in preparation for Office 365 Online Archiving. They require a 10 digit extension to migrate.

(I didn't find much on the internet so I had to write most of this from scratch.)

The idea is to gather all users from Exchange 2013 environment with 4 digit extensions. Must be ran in Exchange Management Console.

Get-UMMailbox -resultsize unlimited | where {$_.extensions.length -eq 4} |select-object name,samaccountname,UMDialPlan,phonenumber,@{Expression={$_.Extensions};Label="Extensions";} | export-csv c:\source\UMInfo.csv

Then use that list to get their telephone numbers which we will use as their new 10 digit extension.

Import-Csv c:\source\UMInfo.csv | Foreach-Object{Get-ADuser $_.SamAccountName -properties telephonenumber} |select-object samaccountname,telephonenumber | export-csv c:\source\ADPhoneNum.csv

Now that you have the numbe…

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