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[PowerShell] Set Skype for Business Presence to "In a Call" when you are in a Microsoft Teams call.

I wanted the ability to sync Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams when I was in a Microsoft Teams call. I couldn't find any solutions online so i created a PowerShell script. You can then create a Windows Service to run this script however often as you want. 5 seconds is good enough for me. 

The only things to make sure you have is Skype Modules installed and an Office 365 app with Microsoft Graph permissions:

Delegated - Read user's presence information 
Delegated - Read presence information of all users in your organization 

 Also set your token to expire after 1 day. My script will check the day and renew it if they don't match. 



# SET YOUR CACHE DIRECTORY TO VARIABLE $tokenCache = ($env:APPDATA + "\token.tmp") Function getToken{     # Azure AD OAuth User Token for Graph API     # Get OAuth token for a AAD User (returned as $token)     # Application (client) ID, tenant ID and …

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